Education & Corporate

Campus and office video streaming solutions

internal corporate tv npvrIPTV and video on demand services can be deployed across academic facilities and corporate offices by using the same network infrastructure used for voice and data. Hybrid IP/Coax solutions based on Anevia’s Flamingo XL can utilize existing coaxial cable networks for delivering advanced multimedia services.

IPTV gateways enable offices employees to receive desktop TV services that can access live content or internal on-line libraries. A playlist feature enables selection of pre-recorded content for broadcast in a loop over a pre-defined TV channel.Services are managed via a central administration system optimizing resources and providing maximum flexibility in content delivery.

Full multimedia services that can be accessed on PC browsers or tablets:

  • Broadcast TV
  • Training/educational content on-demand
  • Web-based TV and radio streams

Anevia products for corporate offices and educational facilities:

Anevia works with a number of technology partners to provide complete solutions for education and corporate customers.