Bedside entertainment solutions

Anevia IPTV solutions deliver hospital bedside entertainment services adapted to specific patient needs, while also giving medical staff access to patient records.

iptv bedside entertainmentTV is often one of the few distractions available to patients in healthcare units, so viewing tends to be almost constant. Anevia’s Flamingo and Toucan solutions can give patients access to a wide choice of live TV channels and films on demand, with services available in multiple languages. Time shifting functions including pauseTVallow patients to pause a live TV program whenever there is an interruption and resume viewing at any time from the same place.
Anevia products integrate seamlessly with other multimedia technologies, including those from its partners, allowing one screen to deliver multiple bedside services to both the patient and the medical staff.

Enable full multimedia services:

  • Broadcast TV
  • On demand video
  • Web-based TV and radio streams

Anevia products for hospitals and clinics:

Anevia work with technology partners who are able to meet the requirements of hospitals and clinics.