Travel video entertainment solutions

Yacht VOD ServerAnevia products are designed to address the unique requirements of cruise ships, freight ships, oil rigs, and aircraft. Anevia IPTV & VOD solutions provide a high end entertainment experience for both guests and workers in the maritime and aviation sectors.

Advanced features such as conditional access and mosaic menu generation allow for customizing guest services and generating new revenue streams. Based on open technologies, Anevia products can be integrated with leading third party set-top boxes, middleware, and other products including those from our partners.

Advanced video service may include:

  • Passenger information displayed on-screen;
  • Large choice of free TV / pay TV channels (up to 400), films on demand and radio;
  • Choice of display/viewing languages;
  • Dynamic coverage (automatically adapt channel availability to geographical location)
  • Map and location information;
  • Alarms and urgent messages;
  • Multiscreen TV streaming to mobile phones and tablet devices.

Anevia products for ships and airplanes:

Anevia works with a number of technology partners to provide complete maritime & aviation video streaming solutions.