Cloud Monitoring Service

Anevia Cloud Monitoring is a multi-tenant cloud-based application allowing pro-active, easy and efficient global enterprise TV sites maintenance. With its predictive alerts feature, the Cloud Monitoring service allows lost-channel issues such as lapsed subscriptions to be identified and rectified automatically before they cause significant interruption to the viewing experience.  The service also avoids TV service disruption linked to loss of conditional-access management rights. Each Anevia head-end, from any location, pushes its status data on regular and controllable basis all its using cloud technology.


 Anevia Cloud Monitoring provides a basis for the global maintenance of a worldwide enterprise IPTV operation with secured alerts. All this information can be viewed instantly via a dedicated monitoring interface. Anevia’s unique smart information processing is used to generate alerts automatically with emailed notifications of identified events such as satellite broadcast channel changes.




• Multi-tenant Cloud service

Cloud technology service allows administrative access anywhere, any time
multi-tenant feature allows delegation of rights to third parties
automatic generation of alerts with email notification

• Broadcast services management

Global impact with predictive alerts of changes in broadcasting satellite channel sources
Exclusive advanced bouquet subscription rights alerts and management
Lineup enhancement with displaying non-configured television sources

• Flamingo equipement management

Automatic lineup reconfiguration on predicted satellite broadcasting changes
Automatic backup and history of Flamingo configuration