New FLAMINGO: Modular Head-Ends for IPTV/Coax networks

Anevia New Head End Flamingo


Flamingo is a software-based head-end that captures live TV & radio content from satellite, cable, digital terrestrial, HDMI as well as IP or web sources. It streams this content to TVs, set-top-boxes, PCs and other devices over IP-based and coaxial network.

Flamingo supports two modular chassis and a wide range of input and output cards, ensuring flexibility, scalability and granularity.

CI cards are also available to accommodate a wide range of third-party CAM-based encryptions. Additional software options include DRM rescrambling and/or descrambling, audio processing, web radio and web TV broadcasting.


  • High density: up to 88 tuners in a single 3 RU server
  • Modularity, scalability and granularity with a wide range of inputs: Satellite, DTT, Cable, HDI, IP & Web
  • Hybrid IPTV and coaxial networks support
  • Software or CAM based descrambling
  • Wide DRM support for embedded rescrambling


  • Easy operation and monitoring with Cloud Monitoring
  • Dual PSU
  • Field-proven Flamingo software
  • Field-proven hardware components

Global overview