Toucan – VOD/nPVR

Toucan is a video on demand (VOD) and network Personal Video Recording (nPVR) streaming server for hospitality and corporate environments. Designed to meet the needs of hotels, hospitals, residential sites and cruise ships, Toucan also serves a large number of enterprise applications such as internal video libraries, employee training and in-store digital signage.

Toucan can stream on-demand video content to IP set-top boxes and software players (RTSP) that are connected to TV sets or PC screens. Mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones are also supported.

Interoperable and standards compliant, Toucan streams can be quickly and easily integrated with third party equipment. The Anevia Toucan VOD server also delivers advanced video services such as personal recording, Catch-up TV, playlist generation and content archiving for on-demand streaming.

Key Benefits of Toucan VOD Servers

The Toucan offers the most advanced VOD features on the market.

5 essential VOD features are merged in a single rack unit:

VOD Server – Toucan

  • VOD: choose content on demand
  • nPVR: record and play without using a personal hard disk
  • Start Over: rewind to the beginning of a live TV program
  • Pause TV: pause, instant replay, fast rewind and forward, TV +N hours
  • Catch-Up TV: watch TV programs days after they have been broadcast


  • Plug & stream: immediately operational
  • Interoperability: already carried out with over 100 suppliers of set-top boxes, middleware, encoders, CAS/DRM
  • Ready-to-use APIs: easy integration with third party solutions


Product Description

Version Output Ingest-nPVR Storage Hardware
Hardware server 60 simultaneous streams 4 simultaneous streams Up to 4 TB Anevia server
Software only Unlimited, depending on hardware 50-200 simultaneous streams External storage Partner hardware (IBM, HP, …)