The growing popularity of smartphones and tablets presents new opportunities for offering multiscreen services to hospitality guest, office workers, or students. Anevia Enterprise solutions offer multiscreen features for streaming both live and on demand (VOD) video content across multiple types of devices. For example universities can offer on-demand video content that can be viewed either on video screens in their library facilities, PCs connected to the internal network or tablet devices like the Apple iPad. Offices can stream live corporate briefings to desktop PCs while offering recorded versions for employees located at overseas locations. Hotels can offer a unique service to allow guests to watch local travel information on their mobile devicesMultiscreen.

Benefits of Anevia Enterprise multiscreen solution:

  • Deliver video services across mobile devices;
  • Stream live and on-demand video to desktop PCs;
  • Adapt video training material to different devices;
  • Facilitate access to corporate video content.

Anevia Enterprise products for multiscreen applications: